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Introducing Marla


Nephew Love


Can’t believe you’re already one year, little man! Love you to the moon and back!

Autumn 2020


Still making memories and finding joy in the middle of a pandemic. Trading handshakes and hugs for masks and hand sanitizer, and close up pictures for long photo lenses.

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This Time It’s Personal


I may not have my own children right now, but many of the babies and children I have photographed in the past happen to be like family since I am so close to their parents. I’m their honorary “Aunt” or “Titi” or “Zizi.” I also have an amazing niece and nephew on my husband’s side. I love them all like my own.

But this past March 12, the day before the first big coronavirus shut downs, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed a beautiful baby boy. I look at Baby L and he is literally (genetically) a part of me. My heart is full and I am SO proud to share his photos!

***A huge shout out to my brother and especially my sister-in-law for doing such an amazing job with welcoming their first baby during such different, scary times!




Finally able to see each other!

Coronavirus Diaries (March, April, & some of May)


The weird place I find myself where so much has changed and yet so much stays the same and continues on. The sun sets; the sun rises. Truly taking it day by day.

The following photos are just some of the many that I have taken so far to document our current pandemic…

To show future generations of my family what COVID-19 looked like for me. Yet I am fully aware and sensitive to the fact that I have mostly what I need and the luxury of being okay when others aren’t. I pause to reflect and pray for those people here and around the world, and I help and give where I can. I do not take anything for granted. Let’s stay united and help those who need it through tangible means.

Therefore I recognize that everyone has their own perspective, story and circumstance. This is mine, and I count my blessings. I encourage you to do the same.

1 Photo Mar 12, 2 13 46 PM

On the day that my school announced its closure, my nephew was born into this world, in the middle of a pandemic: (Photo Cred: J&K)

2Photo Mar 12, 7 07 29 PM

Time to stock up. But everyone took the toilet paper and bread:

3Photo Mar 08, 2 35 26 PM4Photo Mar 13, 8 29 29 PM

Meeting my nephew for the first time… via the virtual world:

5Photo Mar 18, 5 29 43 PM6Photo Mar 18, 5 16 56 PM

The numbers rise and everyone suddenly finds themselves affected in some way, including small businesses:

7Photo Mar 18, 8 00 07 AM

8Photo Mar 24, 7 03 08 PM9Photo Mar 24, 7 03 53 PM10Photo Mar 24, 7 07 05 PM11Photo Mar 24, 7 09 51 PM

More Zoom time with my nephew. Cannot wait to hold him someday:

12Screen Shot 2020-03-21 at 7.28.30 PM

Pets across the country are very confused why some of their humans are suddenly home all day:

13photo apr 02, 8 29 10 am

New way of celebrating birthdays: (Photo Cred: Sara F.)

14Photo Apr 04, 12 05 02 PM

And more ways to make life “contactless:”

15Photo Apr 05, 3 01 57 PM

Finally saw my nephew in person (while wearing a mask, over 6 feet away). Thankful for my telephoto camera lens:

16luke3weeks-4217luke3weeks-2017Photo Apr 05, 7 58 06 AM

New normal:

19Photo Apr 05, 7 54 21 AM

20Photo Apr 09, 4 05 24 PM


Move on over Superman and Spiderman. We have some new super heroes! They include not only first responders, but also health care workers and other essential jobs such as grocery store workers: (*Photo Cred: Liz V.)

21Photo Apr 09, 9 04 17 PM

Easter was very different this year, but I found small blessings and hints of hope. My nephew was one month old, we were all healthy, and a bald eagle made its appearance:

24Photo Apr 12, 3 29 14 AMb25Photo Apr 12, 4 33 09 AM22

(Sorry for the lack of quality – I didn’t have the best camera with me)


The new normal continues and intensifies:

26Photo Apr 16, 5 59 03 PM27Photo Apr 16, 5 58 56 PM28Photo Apr 13, 12 49 13 PM29Photo Apr 19, 1 04 23 PM30Photo Apr 19, 1 10 56 PM31Photo Apr 25, 5 00 11 PM

Yes, mental health is a real “thing:”

32Photo Apr 25, 5 45 33 PM33Photo Apr 28, 3 20 36 PM34Photo May 02, 3 12 22 PM35Photo May 03, 8 14 14 PM

The birds of the air and the fish in the sea continue on in their lives, completely unaffected by COVID-19:

36Photo May 02, 5 23 34 AM37Photo May 02, 6 56 14 PM38Photo May 02, 5 59 08 PM39Photo May 02, 9 31 05 AMb40Photo May 02, 11 26 43 AM41Photo May 02, 11 50 51 AM

We have lost so much. But we have also gained so much:

42Photo Apr 12, 8 19 18 PM43Photo Apr 12, 8 18 53 PM

Holiday Cards: Expectation vs Reality


This holiday season, the O family demonstrates the Expectation vs Reality of family holiday cards.









Family Spotlight


Let’s take a look at the A family through the years!

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May 2017 – and then there were three!

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Family Spotlight


Come along with me to follow the D Family through the years!

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C: What a difference 7 months make!


1 week vs. 7 months-

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